FRFI reader on the bedroom tax – 1 February 2013

The bedroom tax that is due to come into effect from April is going to affect all working class people whether it be directly or indirectly. The direct effect will be a tax of 14% for one extra bedroom and 25% for two extra bedrooms or more for anyone receiving housing benefit, this will be at a cost of £16 per week to the average housing association tenant. Or as in my case the indirect effect  which comes not from a financial burden but in the shape of an attack on my family, friends and community. 

Two examples of how the bedroom tax is going to affect me and my community are my cousin who has recently lost his father who he shared his house with, the same two bedroom house that he has lived in all of his life and a neighbour and friend of mine who has also recently lost his mother who he shared his three bedroom house with again a house where he has spent all of his life. In both case the result of the bedroom tax is going to be a direct choice between putting food in their bellies or paying an extra 14% and 25% in bedroom tax, and when the inevitable happens and they can't pay what is going to happen? At best they are going to be kicked out of their homes that they have been born into and ripped away from their communities that have raised them and be relocated to another part of the town or country, or they will be made homeless. What is their crime? Their crime is  being born poor and having the limited opportunities of employment that result from the social circumstances surrounding working class people and our communities. 

At this time more than ever we must stand together to tackle this absurd capitalist notion that the poorest sections of society have to pay for crises and crimes of the rich ruling class. And if you like me care for your family, friends, neighbours and communities then you must fight for them by organizing among yourselves in preparation for the defence of who and what we care for against the attempts to divide our communities by the rich and ruthless ruling class.

Fight the cuts !!

Danny M, from Hamilton

ATOS kills – kill ATOS! Monthly protest of Glasgow Against ATOS - 25 January 2013

On Friday the 25th January, Glasgow Against ATOS campaigners took to the street for our monthly picket of the Atos premises on Cadogan Street where people are put through the degrading work capability assessments. The protest also included a rolling picket of companies in the Glasgow city centre area who are cohorts of Atos, DWP and the government in their attempts to criminalize the sick and disabled of our country.

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Reclaiming Christmas from Atos in Glasgow! - Dec 2012

On Friday 28 December Glasgow Against Atos campaigners held their end of month action with a Christmas based theme. Declaring the government’s treatment of disability benefit claimants to be humbug and contrary to the festive mood of the season a rolling picket was organised in Glasgow city centre; starting from the Atos assessment centre and finishing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games offices, as Atos are sponsoring the games. One campaigner, dressed up as the Grinch, stated, ‘Christmas, what Christmas? Seventy three people are dying a week across Britain after having their disability benefit cut! Just like the Grinch stole Christmas, Atos are stealing it from people and their families’.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters have been playing a leading role in the campaign alongside other activists from the Black Triangle Disability rights campaign, the Save The Accord campaign, The Irish republican group 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the Socialist party and some individual anarchists. Unfortunately the majority of left groups in Scotland, such as the International Socialist Group, have refused to support the campaign so far.

The campaigns aim is to bring together the claimants, individuals, campaigns and groups in Glasgow who wish to oppose the notorious private multinational Atos. Now that some level of unity has been achieved the next task is to expand the campaign involving more disability claimants and the general public. FRFI supporters will be working to maintain the open and democratic nature of the Glasgow Against Atos campaign which will be vital if the goals outlined above are to be achieved.

Solidarity with the sick and poor!

Victory to Glasgow Against Atos!

More information about Atos and the campaign can be found at: index.php/fight-the-cuts/2719-end-war-on-welfare

Facebook – ‘Glasgow Against-Atos’

Blogspot -

Phone – 07734348065


Glasgow Against ATOS Picket - 28 Sep 2012

Glasgow against ATOS picketA break in the clouds allowed the end of monthly picket of the Atos centre on Glasgow’s Cadogan Street to go ahead today. Supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, The Socialist Party and the Accord, Black Triangle and 32 County Sovereignty Movement campaigns united to distribute advice sheets for claimants facing assessment and leaflets for the launch meeting of the ‘Glasgow Against ATOS’ campaign on Wednesday 10 October.

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Actions Against Atos in Glasgow

Actions Against Atos in Glasgow

People! The war being waged on the poor, sick and disabled in this country has well and truly begun. The former Labour Government set the ball rolling with its introduction of the notorious Work Capability Assessment (WCA) in 2008 and its hiring of the private, profit driven, multinational Atos to carry out these assessments. The Coalition Government have continued this policy with devastating consequences. Reports have shown that between January and August 2011, up to 1,100 claimants died following Atos assessments and being found fit for work. We have both a moral and political incentive to stand with those being cut; the ruling class will widen out there attacks on living standards (around 80% of cuts are still to come); if we are unable to defend the most vulnerable in our society how will we defend others?

With these questions in mind Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! held two events in Glasgow this week; supported by the Black Triangle Disability Rights Campaign, the Accord Campaign, the Merrylee Matters Campaign and the Glasgow Defence Campaign. On Wednesday 27 June we hosted a meeting ‘War on welfare: Time for action!’ and this was followed by a two hour picket of the Atos testing centre on Cadogan Street on Friday 29 June.

Actions Against Atos in Glasgow

The meeting was addressed by supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the founding member of the Black Triangle Campaign, John McArdle. The FRFI comrade highlighted the parasitic nature of the Atos multinational and its links with the British military and oil and gas exploration abroad. Opposition to Atos he argued had to go hand in hand with a fight against those responsible for its hiring, the British ruling class. John McArdle followed this with a passionate and concrete speech about the reasons why we must support those fight backing, the progress that has been made in this so far and where we must go from here. After the speakers a creative discussion took place with solutions and ideas put forward about how we can most effectively target Atos. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be working with others to now put these words into action.

The follow up picket two days later was well attended and everyone; both the people going through the assessments and their cold hearted assessors; inside the centre were made aware of our presence with noisy chants of ‘Atos Doctors, Nazi Doctors!’, ‘Say it loud, say it clear, Atos are not welcome here!’, ‘Hands off the sick and poor: Atos do not have a cure!’. Despite the torrential rain spirits were kept high and anger at seeing those sick and disabled people going to and from the centre, many with tears in their eyes, made sure that everyone was committed to the protest.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!  will be holding a picket of this Atos testing centre on the last Friday of every month from now on. The next picket date is below. Between now and then we will be organising different activities to combat the scourge that is the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and its hired lackeys Atos.

We call for the greatest unity on this issue amongst the people of Glasgow and left groups (The International Socialist Group/Coalition of Resistance, Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party etc), who have failed so far to unite and did not attend the events against Atos this week. The Socialist Party sent one member to the picket. Political sectarianism must be left behind and real unity must be formed in the interests of the people on the receiving end of the cuts!

Victory to the poor, sick and disabled!

Oppose Atos and the Work Capability Assessment!

Picket Atos!

Friday 27 July, 2-4pm

Atos testing centre,

Cadogan Street,

Glasgow City Centre.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07734348065 for more information or to get involved.

Dominic Mulgrew

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