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Interview: The Iranian Revolution

Flag of the Peoples Mujahedin of Iran.svgFight Racism! Fight Imperialism! no. 11 – July/August 1981

'We print below an interview given to FRFI by the Moslem Students Society (Supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran — PMOI). The PMOI is the foremost revolutionary anti-imperialist organisation in Iran and together with other revolutionary forces is the vanguard of the Iranian revolution.' Read more >

RCG public statement

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CPGB-ML Lies and Sectarianism

On 12 February the Communist Party of Great Britain - Marxist-Leninist (CPGB-ML) published a video on their Youtube channel of a Stop the War speaker on a demonstration in Birmingham against the Turkish attack on Afrin, who was calling for support for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. The CPGB-ML falsely labelled this video as a speech from a member of the RCG. We wish to set the record straight: The RCG does not call for a Labour government, or for imperialist intervention in the Middle East. Read more >