Capitalism is Extinction, Socialism is Survival!

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Edited by Suzi Rose. Contributions from Charles Chinweizu, Robert Clough, Susan Davidson, Adam Grey, Trevor Rayne and Nathan Williams.

Publisher: Larkin Publications, 2022 [ Paperback ], 104pp
ISBN: 978-0-905400-32-7

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Humanity faces an existential crisis, Global warming is out of control. while the root cause of the crisis lies in capitalism and its ceaseless search for profits to fuel its limitless self-expansion, this is not a complete explanation. It is capitalism in its monopoly or imperialist phase that is relentlessly driving Planet Earth to destruction.

All modes of production, all applications of human labour to nature, consume and exhaust natural resources. But under imperialism, with its massive productive powers and pursuit of profits, this process assumes a qualitatively more intense and destructive character whch is beyond social control and which outstrips the capacity of the natural world to renew itself. Production for profit requires cheap raw materials on a vast scale; it requires growth and expansion constrained by no social needs, looting and plunder on a global scale.

It is a war of the rich against the poor, where capitalism means extinction. This pamphlet shows that socialism is the only alternative, that it presents the only option for humanity's survival.