Women's oppression under capitalism

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Larkin Publications ©2021
Paperback 76pp

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Written and edited by Susan Davidson
With contributions from Tom Vickers, Ruby Speed, Adam Grey, James Pike and the Editorial Board of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

With women’s rights under attack and new movements emerging in which women are leading the fightback, it is more vital than ever to understand the roots of women’s oppression and why a revolutionary struggle for socialism is the only solution to it.

Starting with a summary of what happened to women when Covid-19 arrived in Britain, the pamphlet moves on to consider the global context. It describes the rise of authoritarian regimes around the world which have gathered strength under the impact of the crisis of capitalism, environmental destruction and inter-imperialist rivalry, all of which have combined to worsen the conditions of all women and in particular, black, Asian and other minority ethnic women.  

An inclusive summary of socialist movements for women internationally and in Britain takes the reader through the history, and the pamphlet considers the demands and programmes of women in the past and today. The key question throughout each chapter is a close examination from different perspectives of the role of the family in the oppression of women, and indeed the entire working class, under capitalism.