Letters - FRFI 253 Oct/Nov 2016

Build revolutionary popular resistance

Thank you for sending me your newspaper. Having learned English it gives me a great opportunity to learn more and to spread solidarity. I’ve already translated a number of articles from the June/July issue. I think you’re doing a great job in mobilising and organising amongst the working class. Please send me more information about the contemporary (revolutionary) movement in your country.

Concerning the political and economic situation in England, I think it was logical that capitalism’s overall crisis would gradually end up undermining the country’s welfare system. As a country that has based its economy on imperialist exploitation of other countries, Britain was able to keep its labour aristocracy (Marx and Engels already identified this phenomenon at that time). But after losing its hegemony, after World War II, and because of the entry of China and Russia into the capitalist race, UK imperialism has lost much of its industrial and financial influence in global markets. So, England does not have as much complete capability as it used to have; no Western capitalist country does. That is why they need wars, to dispute influence over potential global markets; at the same time that is used to try to weaken their competitors. Only wars can raise capitalism from the dead over and over again. In the meantime economic policy cannot allow the ruling class to keep its welfare (labour aristocracy) system any more. So, evictions, education and NHS privatisation, chauvinism, racism, labour rights cuts, political repression, benefit cuts, and so on... It is already happening all over the world, starting with the US. That is why it is so important to get people politically aware and organised within a resistance movement against imperialism in every country.

In Spain, political repression only allows revisionist ‘communist’ parties to do their shameful populist job, namely to anaesthetise political concerns and extinguish any revolutionary spark. Revolutionary activities in this country are labelled ‘terrorism’, that is why there are hundreds of political prisoners here. Nevertheless, the overall crisis of capitalism is sparking political consciousness and conditions are becoming favourable for anti-capitalists to organise in all labour, social and political fields.

We communists have to try to lead that revolutionary protest movement, and make our party bigger and stronger. In the meantime we should build as many solidarity bridges as we can with fellow international communist parties. Communists try not to disperse their forces – that means trying to organise revolution in our own countries.

Marcos Martin Pouce

Letters can be sent to Marcos at CP Valencia III (Prev), 46220-Picassent (Valencia) SPAIN

Zero hours and abuse for Subway worker

The sandwich chain Subway claims it treats its workers fairly and with respect. After putting up with being pushed, sworn and shouted at, patronised, and even physically assaulted for almost two straight weeks, I have a lot to say about the franchise, but neither fairness nor respect come into it. 

My boss’s attitude towards me was frequently aggressive and intimidating and I was expected to work overtime most days. My contract was zero hours and after a long day which had involved being hit in the face (with no apology), shoved past (without any ‘excuse me’), having a toaster almost shut on my hand, and having a toastie thrown at me – after working an hour’s overtime without being asked – he fired me on very unclear grounds and without notice.

After I had left the store he failed to pay me on two occasions. Then, when my dad approached him personally to ask for my wages, he proceeded to phone the police. He told them he had not paid me as I hadn’t answered questions relating to my pay. I had already given him all the necessary information.

In an ideal world my situation would be unusual. However, the majority of young people today entering the workplace are experiencing similar conditions.

I was lucky enough to know to fight for my rights by taking my boss to court, contacting ACAS, and even picketing the store. It is important that other young people are encouraged to do the same; otherwise bosses will continue to get away with exploiting us.


Free West Papua

The Indonesian occupation and ongoing genocide in West Papua is one for which imperialism bears much responsibility. Yet it is largely ignored by the British left; this is disappointing given the scale of repression, killing, and imperialist complicity. In the process of decolonisation Australia, Britain and the US aided Indonesia militarily, economically, and diplomatically as they occupied West Papua. The Western powers, well aware that the 1969 so-called ‘Act of Free Choice’ was a sham, voted to legitimise the occupation regime at the UN. In private the US embassy said that the conclusion of the ‘Act of Free Choice’ in which selected West Papuan delegates were threatened and bribed into consenting to the annexation of their homeland – was ‘pre-ordained’, yet failed to criticise it in public. The US sought to maintain strong relations with the Indonesian leader Suharto. Since then Britain and other imperialist powers have furnished the Indonesian occupation regime with military equipment, police training, and diplomatic cover.

Estimates of the number killed range from 100,000 to half a million, torture is routine, and raising the West Papuan flag carries a 15-year prison sentence. Britain currently trains Indonesian ‘counter-terror’ units like Detachment 88 which have carried out massacres and torture in West Papua, and sells weapons to Indonesia. For an overview of the situation FRFI readers should read Warwick University’s ‘Politics of Papua’ report. Western companies profit from imperialist complicity; a major motive for the Indonesian occupation is the profits from mining by American-based company Freeport, as well as BP and Rio Tinto.

The ongoing self-determination struggle of the indigenous West Papuan people should have the full support of anti-imperialists and internationalists in the imperialist countries and around the world.

Papua Merdeka! Free West Papua!

Jamie Sims


Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 253 October/November 2016