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Save John Carroll! Fight the Cuts! Nottingham 24 April 2021

On Saturday 24 April Nottingham RCG supporters joined an open mic protest called by the Save John Carroll campaign against the closure of a leisure centre in a working-class area of the city. This was part of £15.6 million of cuts recently voted through by Labour-run Nottingham City Council, with not one Labour councillor voting against. Nottingham RCG supporters have been centrally involved in the campaign since the start, helping to organise protests and going out into Radford to build support for the campaign. A Nottingham RCG supporter gave a speech highlighting that these cuts are a response to the ongoing capitalist crisis and are part of the ruling class’s drive to force the burden of the crisis onto the working class. This requires building an anti-capitalist response to this cut to the John Carroll Leisure Centre and against all public service cuts in general.

Nottingham RCG supporters will be supporting the Save John Carroll campaign’s Mayday march next Saturday, 1 May from the John Carroll Leisure Centre at 10:30 to the Trade Union Council’s Mayday rally at the Forest Recreation Ground from 12 and call on all those who wish to build a movement against austerity to join us.

Get in touch with us if you want to help build an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist opposition to austerity and budget cuts!

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