March for Palestine: shut down Rafael! 27 April 2024

March for Palestine: shut down Rafael

On Saturday 27 April a march has been organised by Shut Down Rafael Newcastle, Newcastle Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Leonardo Off Campus. The march is  supported by dozens of local groups including Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism (North East). 

People are asked to assemble at 11am outside the Beacon, on West Road (NE4 9PQ), to then march to the Rafael/Pearson Engineering Factory situated on Scotswood Road (NE15 6UX). 

The factory in question is owned by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, a weapons company owned by the Israeli state that specialises in the manufacturing of advanced weaponry and components for the Israeli military. The Israeli state’s operations against the Palestinian people in Gaza have been deemed as ‘plausible genocide’ by the ICJ.

The British government appears to have been advised by its own lawyers that the Israeli state is violating international humanitarian law in Gaza, raising the call for a suspension of British arms sales to Israel or face being complicit under international law.

The march is demanding that Rafael cease its operations at the factory in Newcastle, contributing to the ongoing campaign against Rafael’s presence. It also calls for the British government to impose sanctions on Israel for the violation of international law and its genocidal operation in Gaza. This would include ending British arms exports to Israel and the operation of Israeli arms companies in Britain, and other examples of British military and economic ties with Israel.

We encourage all those concerned about the genocide against the Palestinians and the military occupation of their land to join us on this march and to add your voice to our outrage at this factory being in our local area.




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