RATB round-up / FRFI 175 Oct / Nov 2003

FRFI 175 October / November 2003

Anti-Imperialist Camp in Assisi
RATB supporters led a forum on Cuba at the Assisi Anti-Imperialist Camp (see p10) alongside Roberto Rodriguez, representative of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples. Rodriguez gave an introduction explaining the history of the Cuban people’s struggle against US imperialist plans of annexation. Representatives from RATB spoke about the acts of sabotage and terrorism promoted by the US against the Revolution, and the efforts of right-wing Mafia groups, CIA and Bacardi to fund and sponsor mercenaries within the island, hoping to undermine socialism from within.

Cuban journalists visit Marx’s grave in London
In late August two Cuban journalists, Rosa Miriam Elizalde (co-author of Los Disidentes, see p11) and Dora Pineiro, visited London and RATB had the pleasure of spending time with them researching Marx’s 30-years work and life in the city. Members of RATB guided the Cubans to the house where Karl Marx lived between 1851 and 1856 at Dean Street, Soho, to Federick Engels’ house at Regents Park Road and the last residence of Marx at Maitland Park, where he died on April 1883. Rosa and Dora also visited Highbury cemetery where Marx is buried.

Rosa Miriam Elizalde writes for the Cuban youth paper Juventud Rebelde and today works with Dora Pineiro on the websites www.antiterroristas.cu (coordinating campaigns to free the Cuban political prisoners in US gaols) and www.cubadebate.cu (forum of debate on Cuban issues).

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