Prisoners: In brief

FRFI 205 October / November 2008

Scottish prisoner on hunger strike over medical treatment
As FRFI goes to press, William Johnston has been on a hunger strike in Glenochil prison for three weeks in protest about the denial of proper medical treatment. He is suffering from a spinal condition and before his imprisonment had a steel support rod inserted into his back and was prescribed strong painkillers for life. In prison he has been effectively taken off these painkillers, and following an argument a few months ago been denied contact with the doctor. John Bowden, who is also in Glenochil, writes that Willie ‘now exists in a condition of continual and severe pain. His treatment, or fairly typical and there is widespread anger here about the degree of medical neglect that is prevalent here. I’m quite sure that William Johnston will continue his fast to the death if necessary so it’s important that his protest is highlighted and the prison system is made aware that people on the outside know about and support him’.

Please send letters of solidarity to William Johnston (15541), HMP Glenochil, King O’Muir Road, Tullibody, Clackmannanshire FK10 3AD and of protest to the governor at the same address.

Whitemoor prisoners punished for staying out of way of fire
Part of Whitemoor prison was briefly evacuated in early August following a fire. Prisoners remained outside for a few hours before returning to their cells. 71 prisoners were then given disciplinary charges for refusing an order to come back inside. Some have been found guilty and are appealing; while others continue to contest the charges.


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