FRFI 260 Oct/Nov 2017 - No more Grenfells - Fight for social housing

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frfi 260Imperialism & Crisis

Brexit, imperialist rivalry and the split in the working class


Labour Party & Trade unions

Labour Party conference - Will Corbyn take on Labour councils?

Police & Prisons

The state of British prisons: overcrowded, violent and angry

Fight Racism

British immigration controls after Brexit

Housing and Welfare

No more Grenfells - Fight for social housing

Salford Labour council – public cuts, private profits

Why we must fight to save Ledbury Estate

Young workers bear the brunt of capitalist crisis


NHS: another winter crisis looms


50 years since the Abortion Act - Still no choice for working class women

Socialist History

October: Russia 1917 Part 7


Catalan referendum: Spanish state flexes its Francoist muscle

Latin America

Cuba puts the US to shame as hurricanes wreak destruction

Venezuela: the visible hand of economic warfare

Trump, Puerto Rico and colonialism

United States

US athletes defy Trump’s racism

US and North Korea: nuclear threat returns

Middle East

Gaza: between a rock and a hard place

The Balfour Declaration - 100 years of British collaboration with Zionism


Letters FRFI 260: Grow Heathrow squatters show the way


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