FRFI 246 Aug/Sept 2015 - A naked act of class war

Imperialism & Crisis

A naked act of class war

50 years on: remembering the Indonesian massacres

No to British strikes on Syria! - Imperialism out of the Middle East!


Police & Prisons

Pentonville for sale

Justice for Anis Sardar

Britain’s most racist prison


Welfare cuts hit women hardest

Labour & Trade Unions

New anti-trade union law: more shackles on the unions

Fight Racism

Fight racist immigration controls

Islamophobia now a public sector duty


NHS: More fragmentation, privatisation and rationing

Housing and Welfare

Glasgow Rent Strike 100 years - Women lead fight for decent housing

London housing – a tale of two cities

Focus E15 campaign - Repopulate Carpenters Estate!

Lewisham Council: stop making people homeless


Greece: Syriza government capitulates to austerity

Spain: Resistance against austerity and repression

Latin America


Diplomatic relations restored between Cuba and the US

Cuba first with meningitis B vaccine


Venezuela-Guyana border dispute: Britain’s colonial legacy


Ecuador: Violent reaction against income redistribution


EU food industry is entirely unsustainable


The Great African Robbery

Middle East

Iran ‘The prize’

Turkey: Erdogan responds to election with war


Letters - FRFI 246 Aug/Sept 2015


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