FRFI 259 Aug/Sep 2017 - Grenfell fire: social murder

frfi 259Britain

Labour Party & Trade unions

Labour government? No way forward for the working class

Taylor review offers nothing for casualised workers


Brexit Ruling class divisions entrenched as negotiations begin

Police & Prisons

Parole Board keeping lifers behind bars

Inside News

Housing and Welfare

Grenfell fire: social murder

Grenfell Tower - Condemn capitalism!

Housing In Briefs

Birmingham’s Labour councillors cut vital services


Wearing away the NHS

Socialist History

Women in the Revolution

150 years of Capital

Counter-revolution defeated: Russia 1917 Part 6


France: Macron on Africa – denying French imperialism

Ireland: Devil’s deal

From the Mediterranean to the Channel: immigration controls kill

Latin America

Taking the side of the Bolivarian Revolution

Trump’s Cuba dilemma

Supporting working mothers: Cuba’s achievements bring new challenges

United States

US: Trump administration in chaos

Organising behind bars to fight prison slavery

Middle East

Syria: The struggle for the future of the Middle East


Letters - FRFI 259 Aug/Sep 2017


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