FRFI 254 Dec 2016/Jan 2017 - Fight to save free health and social care

frfi 254Imperialism and Crisis

MSF and Pfizer: no such thing as a ‘free vaccine’



Brexit weak British economy faces further ruin

The gig economy: new name for old exploitation

Autumn Statement – no end to benefit cuts

Bristol: the fight for affordable housing

Labour Party & Trade unions

Deliveroo drivers fighting back against exploitation

Fight Racism

Calais migrant camp razed

Police & Prisons

Crisis and reform – prisons under the spotlight


Fight to save free health and social care

Housing and Welfare

Who owns England’s green and pleasant land banks?

Housing In Briefs - FRFI 254 Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Savills: helping capital buy up public land

Newcastle Labour Council: cutting to the bone

Salford's housing crisis


We are not all Daniel Blake

Review: Out of the Box


Scotland – fighting austerity still the key!


Fortress Europe – the death toll rises

Latin America

Negotiations give Maduro breathing space in the ongoing battle for Venezuela

Colombia: new peace deal agreed

United States

Racist Trump elected as US president

Protesters brave police brutality and freezing weather at Standing Rock

Middle East

Turkey turned into a war zone


Letters - FRFI 254 Dec 2016/Jan 2017


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