FRFI 251 Jun/Jul 2016 - Housing Crisis - time for a real fightback

Imperialism and Crisis

EU Referendum - The position of communists

Panama Papers: When cheating becomes necessary


Fight Racism

Racism and poverty in Britain

Labour Party & Trade unions

Labour: ‘not racist enough’

Police & Prisons

Hillsborough and Orgreave - Questions of state power

Inside News - FRFI 251 Jun/Jul 2016


NHS in financial meltdown


Tories back down on academies

Keep the caterers: University of Manchester staff win fight over jobs and pay

Housing and Welfare

Focus E15 campaign - Exposing Newham’s hypocrisy and lies

Housing Crisis - time for a real fightback


Airbrushing partition out of politics - 1916 – Ireland’s revolutionary tradition

Farcical manoeuvres follow Irish elections

France: Working class battles ruling Socialist Party

Spain: new elections same old austerity

United States

US election woes

Prisoners’ work strike in Alabama

Latin America

Cuban Communists in Congress: Change within a socialist framework

Brazil a legal ‘coup d’etat’

Venezuela: class struggle sharpens over emergency measures

Middle East

Kurds mount determined resistance

Review - Egypt: a radical story of resistance


Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners


Letters - FRFI 251 Jun/Jul 2016


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