FRFI 244 Apr/May 2015 - General Election General Fraud

Imperialism & Crisis

General Election General Fraud 

Fantasy economics for a decaying economy


Parliamentary politics

Green Party: Rebels or reformists?

Education Notes

Police & Prisons

Close all immigration prisons!

Inside News

Labour & Trade Unions

Labour: fighting for imperialism


Scotland - No vote for austerity!

Public Sector Cuts

Five years of capitulation


 Health Matters - Capitalism is bad for your health

Housing and Welfare

The great fire sale of London housing

Universal credit: Meeting the needs of capitalism

Sweets Way resists

Fight for Aylesbury!

No to benefit sanctions!

Fred John Towers – save our council homes

West Hendon: homes before profit!

Women’s Oppression

Eleanor Marx: hidden from history

Women – on the frontline of resistance to austerity



Ukraine and Russia: edging towards disaster


Latin America


Cuba and the US - Breaking bread with the beast

Co-operatives to boost productivity


Venezuela - The threat of a good example


Colombia: FARC ceasefire under threat


Middle East

Israel–US split grows as Palestinians suffer

Syria, Iraq and Iran – which way for US imperialism?


Letters / FRFI 244 Apr/May 2015