FRFI 243 Feb/Mar 2015 - Greece: Syriza victory sparks hope

Imperialism & Crisis

Unending economic crisis sharpens class divisions

Imperialism targets Russia


Police & Prisons

No prison expansion!

The double punishment of foreign prisoners in Britain

Kevan Thakrar needs support


Scotland - Home rule or independence?

Public Sector Cuts

Benefit sanctions mean starvation

Focus E15 campaign: Social housing not social cleansing

Newcastle Labour leader attacks RCG for fighting to save Sure Start


Health matters - Fight to save the NHS

United States

Behind the US ‘recovery’


Greece: Syriza victory sparks hope

Fighting against water charges in Ireland

Paris killings unleash hypocrisy and repression

Can Spain follow Greece in the fight against austerity?

Ukraine War and crisis

Latin America


Cuban 5 freed and reunited in Cuba

US opens talks with socialist Cuba


Venezuela: Fighting sanctions and sabotage

United States

Behind the US ‘recovery’

Middle East

Israel, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda: the war in the Golan Heights

Victory in Kobane

Imperialism and the Islamic State


Palestine: Resistance the only way forward


Nigerian Elections - Time to demand a fairer society


Review: Brand takes the side of the oppressed                                                     


Letters - FRFI 243 February/March 2015


Environmental news - Imperialist oil companies in court


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