FRFI 242 Dec 2014/Jan 2015 - No vote for racists

Imperialism & Crisis

Red warning lights for global economy - Class war to intensify in Britain


Fight Racism

No vote for racists

Housing & Welfare

Focus E15 campaign: Repopulate Carpenters Estate

A New Era for corporate landlords

Fightback is the only solution to the housing crisis

Waltham Forest council residents fight back against social cleansing


Who speaks for the Scottish working class?

Public Sector Cuts

Newcastle Labour council slashes Sure Start

Labour Party & Trade Unions

Labour: one tweet away from a crisis


The GERM will win – unless we fight


Nothing is irreversible – act now to save the NHS


Irish working class fights water charges

Spain A wind of change

Ukraine: Tightening the screw

Latin America

Mexico: the state and its organised crimes

Venezuela: The battle against police corruption and counter-revolution>


New York Times demands a ‘new start’ for US-Cuba relations

Socialist Cuba makes advances in renewable energy

Leading Cuban biotech product now available in Europe

United States

Ferguson burns as racist cop walks free

Middle East

Kurds lead heroic resistance in Kobane

Permanent war in the Middle East


Israel: a racist settler state


Burkina Faso needs a revolution

Police & Prisons

British prison conditions take ‘a terrible toll’

Justice for Sean Rigg: killed by racist police

Victory for High Down prisoners


Letters / FRFI 242 Dec 2014/Jan 2015


Climate change: This changes everything


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