Statement of solidarity with Khaled Barakat of Samidoun

Khaled Barakat speaking in Manchester

Dear friends and comrades of Samidoun,

The RCG sends its solidarity and stands firmly against the latest actions of the imperialist and pro-Zionist German government to censure and silence comrade Khaled Barakat. As the crisis of imperialism deepens, European ruling classes have set their sights on stamping out any resistance and, under the guise of tackling antisemitism, seek to crush pro-Palestine and anti-Zionist sentiment. In this mission, they are aided by opportunist currents such as the British Labour Party and the German Social Democrats, who spuriously equate opposition to Israel with anti-Jewish racism. The same political forces are silent on the internment of Palestinian political prisoners, on the drive to war on Iran, and line up with the counterrevolutionary coup-plotters in Venezuela.

In the absence of a strong anti-imperialist current in Britain, we have seen a witch-hunt against critics of Israeli colonialism and local Labour MPs have stood on platforms alongside street fascists and Zionists. Meetings of the RCG and other groups such as the International Solidarity Movement have been attended by undercover cops as local councils, Labour and Tory, adopt pro-Israel motions. Rather than accepting self-censorship in the name of a form of BDS stripped of its principles, we fight for an anti-Zionist Palestine solidarity movement. The actions of the German state are outrageous and reactionary, and are a shape of things to come across Europe unless a new movement is built. We stand with comrade Khaled, Samidoun and all who campaign against this censorship.

Revolutionary Communist Group/Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!


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