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The Revolutionary Communist Group is a Marxist and Leninist organisation which is committed to building a revolutionary socialist movement in Britain. In order to pursue this aim, the RCG fights to defend and develop an anti-imperialist trend within Britain, based on the long-term interest of the entire working class and oppressed internationally. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, the name of our newspaper is itself a political statement. It declares that fighting racism and imperialism must be at the heart of any socialist movement in imperialist Britain. It is a position that has always directed our political theory and practice. Our organisation has existed since 1974, and we began publishing the Revolutionary Communist journals in 1975. Since 1979 we have organised around FRFI. In this time we have continually engaged in crucial struggles for the working class and have developed our positions for the context of imperialist Britain – the oldest capitalist country in the world.

The RCG understands that the way for human society to progress – or even to survive – is for the crisis-ridden system of capitalism to be destroyed. The British ruling class will never allow the system which maintains its domination to be wished or voted away – it will take a revolution struggle led by the working class. Whilst the resistance of the working class is spontaneously revolutionary, only through the fusion of such a struggle with Marxist thought can there be created a new communist movement capable of challenging capitalism.The only alternative to capitalism is socialism: a conscious and organised process of constructing society in which people cooperate in order to meet their needs rather than serve the dictates of private profits; a society enabling the full development of every individual rather than privilege for a few.

Today, capitalism has developed into imperialism – a system in which a small handful of nations dominate and exploit the rest of the world This has significant impacts on the class structure in the imperialist nations. A section of the working class – a labour aristocracy – benefits from the imperialist plunder of the rest of the world and works to prevent revolutionary change in the interests of the real masses. In Britain, this finds its political expression in the Labour Party, the official trade union movement, and their supporters across the ‘left’. We recognise the importance for communists in imperialist nations to fight against this opportunism, and call for a break with the Labour Party. Nations subjugated by imperialism are fighting the same enemy as we are when they launch struggles for independence. We support national liberation struggles, and seek to strengthen the revolutionary wing of these struggles. Imperialism creates racism – it is the form which national oppression takes in the imperialist countries. We fight all racism, and see that racism can only be fought alongside a struggle against imperialism. We support countries seeking to build socialism, and defend the gains of socialist struggles through history.

These are the crucial lessons the RCG has learned in five decades of struggle in Britain. If they are learned and acted upon then we can move forward to build a socialist movement that the working class so desperately needs in this country. What you can do in Britain is read FRFI, but also join us in building an anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist movement that will place us alongside all those forces fighting imperialism and building socialism internationally.

Primary Reading: 25 Years of FRFI by David Yaffe

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