Political Economy

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Marx Emasculated
by Steve Palmer
Published 12 March 2015

First published in FRFI No.125, June/July 1995

The state we're in: the political economy of the new middle class
by David Yaffe
First published in FRFI No.124, April/May 1995

Marx’s critique of political economy
David Reed
Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Nos 56-64 / 1986

Inflation, the crisis and the post-war boom
by Paul Bullock and David Yaffe
From Revolutionary Communist No. 3/4 (reprinted November 1979)

Imperialism, National Oppression and the New Petit Bourgeoisie
by David Yaffe, Editorial Revolutionary Communist 9 June 1979

The state and the capitalist crisis
by David Yaffe
First published in February 1976. 2nd Edition, September 1978

Value and price in Marx's Capital
by David Yaffe
from Revolutionary Communist 1 (Second Edition) May 1976

Once Again on Productive and Unproductive Labour1
by Peter Howell
From Revolutionary Communist 3/4 November 1975 (reprinted November 1979)