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The need for serious organised resistance to austerity has never been greater. 

There is no short cut to defeating austerity and imperialism through the ballot box. Britain needs a socialist movement; one that is built from working class resistance. It cannot be built through the Labour Party but over its dead body. It cannot be built through the trade unions: the threads that tie them to the Labour Party mean they will undermine any struggle that poses a real challenge to the ruling class. The only genuine resistance can – and must – emerge in the form of an organised, anti-imperialist working class movement that is independent of the old, gutless and corrupted labour movement which will not fight back.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, uniquely on the left in Britain, is helping to build that movement. Grassroots campaigns across the country, organising in their communities, are showing the way forward. The RCG and our newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is playing a key role within these emerging movements.

Please donate to build real resistance. We need your financial support: Whether it’s £5 or £50, £100 or £1.000, through your generosity and support we will be able to build and develop our organisation and publications in order to allow FRFI and the RCG to play a major role in the political upheavals that lie ahead.

Please send us your donations to help build the resistance.

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