Welcome home Talha!

Along with Babar Ahmad, Talha was extradited from Britain in October 2012 at the behest of vicious, racist Home Secretary Theresa May, to face terrorism charges. FRFI has supported Talha for much of the 12 years of his ordeal, and coverage of his arrest, imprisonment and extradition can be found on our website, as can interviews with and videos of Talha's brother Hamja.* Hamja has run a principled and determined solidarity campaign throughout Talha's imprisonment and has taken every opportunity to link Talha's struggle with those of other prisoners and with the wider anti-imperialist movement.

We send sincere solidarity greetings to both brothers, as well as to their parents and friends.


Hamja Ahsan describes how British state repression made him become an activist and organiser

Theresa May and Britain’s racist, hypocritical extradition practices

Extradition to isolation / 228 Aug/Sep 2012


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