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1959 Speech to the Citizens of Santiago [77.3Kb]
Speech made at the Cospedes Park in Santiago de Cuba.
First published in Spanish in Revolucion, 3, 4, & 5 January, 1959 Against Complacency [12.3Kb]
From a COBC broadcast to the Cuban people, Havana, Jan. 9, 1959 Appeal to Labour [14.7Kb]
Speech by Fidel Castro to 1959 CTC Congress
From a Radio Progreso broadcast, Nov. 19, 1959 A Single Flag, a Single Ideal: Cuba! [115Kb]
Speech to the National Federation of Sugar Workers, 15th December, 1959
Originally released by the Department of Public Relations, Ministry of State, Republic of Cuba, Havana, 15 December, 1959
1961 "The Counter-Revolution is a Rotting Worm" [145Kb]
The Lard Problem & Imperialism
Radio & TV Interview with Fidel Castro
First published in Revolucion, Havana, 6 July 1961 History Dooms Imperialists [145Kb]
Speech in Havana at a ceremony honouring Castro for receiving the Lenin prize
Broadcast by Havana Domestic Service in Spanish 0453 GMT 20 May 1961
1962 Broadcast to the People of Cuba [62.3Kb]
Originally broadcast in Spanish to the Americas on 24 October 1962
1967 Sixth Anniversary of the Victory of Playa Giron [59.5Kb]
Speech at the Chaplin Theater in Havana at a ceremony commemorating the sixth anniversary of the victory of Playa Giron
Originally broadcast in Spanish from Havana by Cuban Domestic Radio and Television Services 20 April 1967
1992 Capitalism is a Society of Wolves [107Kb]
Speech by President Fidel Castro at the concluding plenary session of the Sixth Congress of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), in the Plenario Room at the Convention Palace in Havana 4th April 1992 Blaming Stalin for everything would be historical simplism [9.5Kb]
From an interview with Tomas Borge for Managua's EL NUEVO DIARIO, 3 June 1992


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