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ATOS declared unfit for work

ATOS declared unfit for workATOS declared unfit for work

On 26th April 2012 FRFI supporters joined activists from Occupy Newcastle to occupy Arden House, an ATOS health assessment centre, to protest against work capability assessments.

They performed street theatre inside the waiting area, at Regent Centre Newcastle, to an audience of claimants in order to highlight the unfair and profit orientated nature of the assessments.

One activist commented:

“The protest highlighted the demoralising and dehumanising process which the ATOS assessment puts people through. In effect the most disadvantaged in society are attacked and alienated because of policies which allow for profit making companies to take control of ordinary people’s lives. Within the performance Jim’s metaphorical suicide is a true reflection of reality.”

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Support the Metro Cleaners! - 26 May 2012

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On Saturday 26th May 2012 supporters of FRFI joined more than 50 people in a protest in solidarity with the Churchill Metro cleaners. The action was called by the Anti Cuts Network and along with the RMT, Socialist Party, North East Anarchists, Alliance for Workers Liberty and independent activists they took to the Tyne and Wear Metro to protest against attacks on the cleaners pay and conditions and against victimisation and job losses.

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Speak-out against cuts - 31 March

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On Saturday 31 March 2012 supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! joined a speak-out against the cuts in Byker, Newcastle. The speak-out was called by the Anti Cuts Network and on the day was also supported by residents of Byker and supporters of Industrial Workers of the World, North East Anarchists, Occupy Newcastle, Socialist Party and Workers Liberty.

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Demonstration against Newcastle Council’s Cuts Budget – Newcastle 7 March 2012

On Wednesday 7 March members of the Anti-Cuts Network demonstrated as Newcastle City Council voted on the latest round of council cuts, with £30 million to be slashed in 2012.

Last year Labour councillors in Newcastle shed crocodile tears as the Lib Dems voted through cuts of £44 million. This year, with Labour now in control of the council, they voted through a further £30 million of cuts, including less funding for wardens supporting older people (to be replaced by a telephone helpline), an increase in charges for meals on wheels from £2.50 to £3, reduced library opening hours and increased charges, a 5% cuts in spending on arts and culture (and a further 15% next year), a cap on care packages and squeezed time for home care visits from 30 to 20 minutes. So much for the council’s claims of a ‘fair budget for a fair city’!

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Newcastle May Day march: Labour Party supporters challenged and respond with violence

Newcastle May Day march: Labour Party supporters challenged and respond with violenceAt a May Day rally in Newcastle on 5 May FRFI supporters had to physically resist a number of Labour Party supporters who tried to physically silence their heckling of Labour MP Grahame Morris when he spoke on the platform. Despite being the most active force on the left in Newcastle, FRFI were denied speaking. Instead, the ‘May Day Committee’ who organised the rally gave a platform to a representative of the pro-war, pro-cuts, pro-City of London Labour Party. Not surprisingly, FRFI and others heckled this miserable ruling class representative. This so outraged Martin Levy, the May Day Committee chair, that he called on ‘trade unionists’ to ‘deal with the rabble’ and personally led the physical confrontation by pushing, grabbing and shoving activists who were voicing their contempt for the Labour Party.

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