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Street Parliament' in the centre of Newcastle - 24 April 2010

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On 24 April Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! activists organised a 'Street Parliament' in the centre of Newcastle. The aim was to draw attention to the fraudulent nature of the British parliamentary elections, in which we are invited to help choose which group of wealthy reactionaries will administer British imperialism for the next five years. Whatever the outcome of the election, the attacks by the ruling class will increase and the working class will be made to pay for the global economic crisis.

Many people stopped to discuss what could be done, addressing issues such as the war in Afghanistan, the racism of the British police and immigration system, and the cuts to public services. One thing we can be sure of is that we will not find any answers at the ballot box. The only hope for the future lies in uniting internationally and building movements on the streets which can stand up for the interests of the working class and oppressed and force the rich to pay - that would be real democracy.

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