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Solidarity with the people of Palestine - 8 Apri 2010l

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On 8 April supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! came out in Newcastle in response to the escalating attacks on the Gaza strip and to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine by picketing Marks and Spencer, Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel.

Footage of the demonstration can be found here:



These attacks carried out over the last couple of weeks have included an incursion by several Israeli tanks which left two Palestinian fighters and two Israeli soldiers dead, an attack on a protest at the blockaded Gaza border which left a Palestinian teenager dead and several wounded, several bombing raids which left three children injured and attacks by helicopter gunships against civilian areas near the border with threats of more to follow.

Demonstrators flew Palestinian flags and a banner reading: ‘Your M&S sponsors Israeli terror! Freedom for Palestine! Boycott Israeli goods!’

There was street theatre, with an Israeli soldier and a dead Palestinian, to portray the daily reality lived by Palestinians. This drew a lot of positive attention, with people stopping to ask questions, sign our petitions and film the protest. But the police came and threatened to charge demonstrators under the public order act if they continued with the street theatre, because someone had reported it as they found it ‘distressing’. Maybe that person found it distressing because they were confronted with the bloody truth.

The demonstrators got together to democratically discuss what their response should be. They decided because it had been effective and because if it was causing people distress then they should get involved, to continue the protest, street theatre and all.

For info on M&S support for Zionism:


Isolate the Zionist, racist state of Israel! Victory to the Intifada!

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