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Marching against the bedroom tax in Newcastle - 27 July 2013

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On 27 July hundreds of people marched through Newcastle and held a militant rally to oppose the bedroom tax. FRFI provided a sound system and stewards for the event and an FRFI representative spoke on the platform. The rally was open and democratic, compered by a volunteer from the crowd who ensured that everybody who wished to speak was able to do so. Speaker after speaker denounced the devastating impact of the bedroom tax on working class communities. Unlike the previous rallies, this time no Labour MPs showed their faces: how could they, given Labour’s increasingly open hostility to the working class and support for austerity? Labour Councillor David Stockdale spoke and called for the Labour Party to reverse its policies, but this is sheer fantasy. As an individual who heckled Stockdale asked, if he opposes the cuts then why doesn’t he leave the Labour Party? The fact is that Stockdale’s opposition to the cuts doesn’t go beyond words, when he had the choice he voted for £100 million cuts to local services along with every other Newcastle Labour Councillor.

Now is the time to go out to the people and build action groups rooted in working class communities to resist the bedroom tax and other attacks on the working class. FRFI is committed to this work, contact us to get involved.

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