Urgent letter from Spain

Protest in Spain

We are living through dramatic times over here and I feel compelled to write to you, with the hope that you can spread the truth. Thousands of Spaniards, with more each day, seek work in your country and may get involved in discussions with you on the streets about the situation in Spain.

I have the feeling is that there is a growing trend of institutional fascism. Below, there is a link to a video about the battle on Tuesday in Madrid on Tuesday 25 September and which continued into the next day. There are further protests on Saturday 29 September.
As you will see, violence started when a small group grabbed and shook some fences. We have unquestionable evidence that they were undercover police without insignia on their flags and covering their faces. There are videos of these same hooded individuals arresting other protestors; other video shows one of them being mistaken for a real activist and being taken away but shouting until a partner arrives, when both identify themselves as undercover officers to the riot police.

The video shows the extent of the police brutality and how even older people were treated. Police officers went mad and people responded. A waiter stopped the police from coming into a restaurant and beating innocent demonstrators who were inside for shelter. Protestors were chased for a mile to a main train station, where police continued firing rubber bullets, viciously hitting passengers and threatening journalists. The video ends when an officer confronts the reporter and breaks his camera.
35 people were arrested and are detained. The police threaten to charge them with ‘crime against the institutions of the state’. High-ranking government officials have said we were ‘attempting a coup d'etat’.

Please, do what you can to forward the video to your contacts and explain how the Spanish government is acting as the economic lackey of EU imperialism and how it is being true to its roots in the former fascist regime.

JJ Spanish Correspondent


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