Donate to the RCG – help build the resistance

Thank you for your donations!

£26,265 raised for the 2014 FRFI Fund Drive

With more donations yet to come from fund-raising events, we have managed to meet our Fund Drive target of 25,000 for this year and comfortably exceed it.

Thanks to you, our readers and supporters, who have responded so generously to our appeal, the purchase of our office can now go ahead.

However, we cannot rest there. The pressure is on us to respond both to the attacks on the working class in Britain and to the Israeli onslaught on Gaza: our resources are already stretched as we mobilise new forces across the country in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We need to have the finance to support this and build our organization, so please continue to send in your donations.


The political message of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is more relevant and vital than ever. The ruling class is waging war against the poor and oppressed on every front in Britain and around the world.

In Britain, the Coalition government is imposing further cuts and destitution on the working class as it destroys the welfare state and ratchets up its racist and repressive laws. On every continent imperialism is fomenting reaction and war – from Syria, to Ukraine, from Afghanistan to Latin America. The Labour Party promises more of the same if it is elected in 2015.

The only genuine resistance to this onslaught can – and must – emerge in the form of an organised, anti-imperialist working class movement that is independent of the old, gutless and corrupted labour movement which will not fight back.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, uniquely on the left in Britain, is helping to build that movement.

We need your financial support: Whether it’s £5 or £50, £100 or £1.000, through your generosity and support we will be able to build and develop our organisation and publications in order to allow FRFI and the RCG to play a major role in the political upheavals that lie ahead.




Please Make cheques/POs payable to Larkin Publications and send to FRFI Fighting Fund, BCM Box 5909, London, WC1N 3XX

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