A world to save

FRFI 174 August / September 2003

World Rescue, Nares Craig, Housman Bookshop Publications 2002, 52pp, £1.50

This small and affordable pamphlet aims to become an easy source of reference for those who have taken it upon themselves to put the dire state of our planet at the top of their agenda.

Having lost all faith in the governments of today, Craig cites what appears as almost their desire for the destruction and desertification of developing countries through the use of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its tried and tested plan for destroying the infrastructure of many countries and forcing them to rely on expensive exports that are of no great use to them.

He also mentions the US government’s role in being the most prolific producer of emissions of carbon dioxide gas, the main reason behind the crisis of global warming. And, perhaps more disappointingly, the consistent rejection of all environmental treaties, most notably the Kyoto Agreement.

The effects of globalisation and the almost tyrannical rule that the multinational companies seem to have over the world’s resources is a recurring theme throughout Craig’s pamphlet. From the dramatic increase in trade and investment abroad we have seen a boom in air cargo, with more runways and airports. More ships, coupled with more ports held in strategic locations, and of course, the ever-increasing number of cars and trucks on the road. All these effects from the globalisation of the world’s resources have caused even more increases to the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

The gravity of Craig’s message cannot be overstated and he makes it overwhelmingly clear throughout.

‘The crisis confronting our world today can only be compared with that which the dinosaurs faced 65 million years ago. The total extinction of humanity, together with all flora and fauna, has now become a truly real possibility. It would mean nothing less than the end of 3.5 billion years of evolution.’

Linsay Powell


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