New statement by the Palestinian Prisoners Movement: We call for urgent action to confront the plans for the prisoners’ execution


The Revolutionary Communist Group is pleased to host this statement from Samidoun. The original statement can be found here.

The Palestinian prisoners’ movement engaged in the Strike of Freedom and Dignity within Israeli prisons issued a new statement on 6 May, the 20th day of open hunger strike.

The strike was launched on 17 April, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, by 1500 Palestinian prisoners and has been joined by a series of prominent leaders of the prisoners’ movement and the Palestinian national movement. Marwan Barghouthi, member of the Fateh central committee, launched the strike; leaders from all Palestinian political movements, including Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat, PFLP leader Ahed Abu Ghoulmeh, Islamic Jihad leader Zaid Bseiso, Hamas leaders Hasan Salameh and Abbas al-Sayyed, DFLP leader Wajdi Jawdat, People’s Party leader Bassam Kandakji and many others, including the longest-held Palestinian prisoners Nael Barghouthi and Karim Younes.

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RCG branches join call for freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian political prisoners




RCG (Revolutionary Communist Group) and Samidoun supporters helped organise a day of protest on 14 January as part of an international day action for the release of Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian political prisoners. South London RCG held a street meeting in Brixton, raising awareness of the case of Sa’adat and other Palestinian political prisoners while activists in the East London neighbourhood of Whitechapel led an open mic sound system.

Manchester Boycott Israel Group activists led a picket of Barclays bank on Market Street as part of a protest linking the prisoners’ struggle to the wider fight against war and racism. The street action called for the release the prisoners and and exposed British imperialist intervention in the Middle East. Barclays is symbolic of that warmongering, investing in BAE Systems, Raytheon and Boeing, all companies who provide arms to Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, directly fuelling wars on Palestinian, Syrian, Kurdish, Iraqi, Yemeni and Afghan people. Waving the flags of Palestine and Syria, the picket was well received by the public, showing that the campaign for BDS has resonance with other issues.

In Scotland, supporters took to the streets of Glasgow with Palestine flags flying proudly in the wind and placards declaring solidarity with the liberation struggle, activists received wide support from the passing public, taking to the megaphone and chalking the streets to highlight the ongoing fight for justice and dignity by those trapped within the occupation's dungeons. The criminal role of the British government in comrade Sa'adat's arrest was made clear. Activists from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign were also out on the street, continuing their campaign against Barclays and its investments in Israeli military technology, for which several SPSC campaigners have been arrested. 

The RCG stands for the release of all political prisoners of imperialism, from Ahmad Sa'adat to Mumia Abu-Jamal, and will continue to take the streets, inspired by their resistance. We call on all BDS supporters to join us to build campaigns stand with all Palestinian prisoners leading the fight against Zionism and imperialism and for a better world. 

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Why is solidarity with Palestine under attack? Speech to London RCG meeting 15 June 2016

Anti Zionism

This talk will be in two parts; the first dealing with Zionism and the second with Palestine solidarity.

First of all, let’s look at Zionism. When we are called ‘racists’ or ‘anti-Semitic’ for supporting Palestine, we say ‘no we are not anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish, we are anti-Zionist’. But what IS Zionism? And why should we be against it? This is not a definitive history but hopefully it will be a useful snapshot and background.

The Zionist movement developed in 19th century Europe against a background of centuries of varying levels of persecution of Jewish minorities. It was a middle class movement which sought to build a ‘Jewish nation’, on the so-called Jewish ancestral land of Palestine. Despite some romantic notions about kibbutzim (communes), for the majority of Zionists, this was to be a nation with all the same class relations in it as prevailed in the European countries where Jews were located, but one in which they, who were currently held back by racism, could progress to the top and run the show.

Zionism grew, and was actively encouraged to grow by the bourgeoisies of the oppressor nations, in specific opposition to the other rapidly developing movement of the time – Marxism and communism.

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RCG commemorates al Nakba 2016 with rolling BDS picket

On Saturday 14 May, Victory to the Intifada (VTI) led a rolling BDS picket on Oxford Street, London, to commemorate al Nakba, ‘the catastrophe’ that began in 1948 when Zionist terror groups massacred and expelled Palestinians from their land with the backing of British imperialism. 

The occasion took on added significance because of recent attempts by Israel and the British ruling class to criminalise the BDS movement, that has seen the few critics of Israel in the Labour party purged in a transparent ploy to conflate anti-semitism with anti-Zionism.

To speak out against this, the Revolutionary Communist Group was determined to show that the BDS movement has no reason to be intimidated, stressing that Zionism is a racist ideology and that we will not be silenced on the genocide perpetrated by the state of Israel with the backing of its imperialist sponsors in Britain.

The rolling picket continued its tradition of targeting Marks & Spencer, recently revealed to be buying all their dates from Israel (, September 2015) and continuing to purchase goods from the revived Israeli export firm Carmel Agrexco. Speakers on VTI the open mic exposed the public to the company’s record of support for Israel’s barbaric regime and the specifics of the relationship between the two.

A small group of Zionists staged a counter-demonstration but their outright racism only served to attract more support for the rolling picket as the day progressed. After 90 minutes the contingent made its way down Oxford Street, stopping to highlight the other businesses who stock brands on the BDS list, such as Boots, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse. In a loud and disciplined rolling demonstration around 60 people ended up supporting the contingent as it made it way to a second M&S store, concluding with chants, speeches and music.

Afterwards, RCG activists stayed to support the action protesting the treatment of Topshop workers outside the company’s Oxford Street store, which went on to block the roads all the way up to John Lewis.

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15 June, 7:30 pm

The Calthorpe Arms
252 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8JR London, United Kingdom

 Boycotting Israel is not a crime! Zionism is racism! Britain out of the Middle East!

VTI joins boycott Israel picket from Oxford St to Blair's house

Below is a video of activists from London RCG, Victory to the Intifada and those who joined the action outside Downing St on 6 September which then took on a rolling picket up Regents St and Oxford St to businesses which sell Israeli goods like Boots, M&S, Tommy Hilfiger, and banks like Barclays which sell weapons to Israel.


Video of activists from VTI and those who joined the action outside Downing St on 6 September which then took on a rolling picket up Regents St and Oxford St past businesses which sell Israeli goods like Boots, M&S, Tommy Hilfiger, and banks like Barclays which sell weapsons to Israel - or HSBC which underwrites the Israeli state budget. We also passed McDonalds which donates to organisations which legitimise the construction of Israel and US occupation of the Middle East. FREE GAZA! LONG LIVE PALESTINE! VICTORY TO THE INTIFADA! [ab]

Posted by Victory to the Intifada on Monday, 8 September 2014

Additionally we stopped at HSBC which underwrites the Israeli state budget and McDonalds which donates to organisations that legitimise the construction of Israel and US occupation of the Middle East.


 Protesters outside Downing StProtesters outside Downing St

10 Downing St10 Downing St

Protesters take to Oxford St targetsProtesters take to Oxford St targets

Protesters outside one of the targets, M&SProtesters outside one of the targets, M&S