Know your rights - dispersal orders and Public Order Act section 14 conditions

Greater Manchester Police at Picadilly Gardens

As has become particularly apparent during the recent wave of environmental protests, the police are currently using two different powers to disperse demonstrators. RCG comrades up and down the country have also reported a similar experience on anti-fascist, Palestinian and other protests. Although the two measures have different histories and stated purposes, they now appear to be being used more or less interchangeably.


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Know your rights

Legal information to help with organising demonstrations, stalls and street meetings
The purpose of this document is to disseminate information which will help to facilitate political work by providing general information about legal rights in England, Wales and Scotland. It is prepared by activists with knowledge of the law and experience of organising events and dealing with their legal ramifications; however we are not professional lawyers and this guide should not be considered a substitute for seeking legal advice on complex situations which may arise.


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