RCG Campaigns

We are active in campaigns throughout Britain against racism, austerity and imperialist war. Don't just get angry, get active, get organised! Find out more by exploring the links below.


Fight the Cuts campaigns

The RCG and FRFI are active in anti-cuts campaigns across Britain. Don't just get angry, get active, get organised! Read More

Anti-Racism campaigns

The RCG fights against racism and fascism in all its forms. We support the right of oppressed people to defend themselves against racist attack. We oppose all immigration controls and actively organise against deportations and immigration prisons. Read More

Housing campaigns

Only socialism can build homes for all! A revolutionary movement is needed to solve the housing crisis for good. Read More

Palestine campaigns

The RCG campaigns in solidarity with the people of Palestine who struggle against apartheid and the occupation of their land by the Zionist state of Israel. Free Palestine! Victory to the Intifada! Read More

Defend socialist Cuba and revolutionary Latin America

Join us to defend and publicise the achievements of Cuba and revolutionary movements across Latin America. Read More

Defence campaigns

The RCG engages in defence campaigns to resist any attempt by the British state to shut down protest and intimidate campaigners by arresting them on spurious political charges. The democratic right to protest must be defended by any means necessary! Read More


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