Celtic fans defend Hands Off Ireland!

Hands Off Ireland! carries out regular sales at Glasgow Celtic Football ground. These sales get an enthusiastic response from the fans.

On 15 December we were selling Hands Off Ireland! as usual. After a few minutes two uniformed police arrived and tried to stop us selling. A crowd of Celtic fans quickly gathered round the police. Discretion being the better part of valour the police withdrew. Hands Off Ireland! 1, Glasgow Police 0.

About ten minutes after this incident one of our comrades was suddenly jumped on by a ‘fan’ – a man aged about 30, wearing jeans, jumper and, of course, a Celtic scarf. This man dragged our comrade behind a hamburger stand. He then stated that he was in the CID and did not like Hands Off Ireland! sellers at Celtic matches. This undercover fooling around did not prevent the sale of 150 copies of Hands Off Ireland! It is interesting to discover how the ‘eternally-vigilant-guardians-of-law-and-order’ while away their Saturday afternoons.


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