Letter from Ben Stimson

stimson 2

Ben was sentenced to five years and four months imprisonment on spurious terrorism charges, after he spent four months in Donbass. He is the only British citizen to have been prosecuted for assisting the anti-Government militia in Ukraine. He writes:

I would like to thank all at FRFI/RCG for their letters of support. Also, a big thanks to Manchester RCG for their supporting me at court, especially Martin who has been a great friend and comrade. I’d also like to thank Gerry from Socialist Fight for his solidarity.

Prison in Britain is a brutal and draining experience. While it is known that the government has turned its back on prison officers their attitude towards prisoners quickly eroded any sympathy I had for them.

Instead of blaming those who have made their working conditions dire, they become stuck in a brutal revolving door situation. Prisoners are set up to fall, and there is little in the way of rehabilitation or courses.

Racism is rife among staff. Many prisoners from East European countries would sooner be in prison in their own countries, as prisons in Poland, Romania and other former Soviet countries are more humane.

Thanks for your continued support.

Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Ben Stimson
HMP Manchester (Strangeways),
1 Southall Street,
M60 9AH


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