Assault in Whitemoor

In early 2015 the Prison and Probation Ombudsman published an unusually detailed report into complaints by John Dunlop about being assaulted by staff at Whitemoor prison. The Ombudsman found that John was restrained and forced to the floor by staff in the segregation unit for refusing an order to go back into his cell, without being given any time to obey the order, and that the force used was not proportionate or reasonable. Despite not resisting, he was kicked and knelt on, before being dragged to his feet and forced back into the cell.

He was then denied access to a doctor and the police liaison officer and his complaints about being assaulted, instead of being properly and formally looked into, were dealt with by a cursory informal investigation which, not surprisingly, concluded that he had no cause for complaint. John Dunlop has sent Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! the full Ombudsman’s report which can be accessed here:


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