End the harassment of Rangzieb Ahmed

Since his conviction on terrorism charges in 2008, Rangzieb Ahmed has been a principled defender of the rights of prisoners. In particular, he has spoken out against religious discrimination and the racist media-fuelled hysteria about ‘Muslim extremism’ in British gaols. In 2013 he wrote an article for FRFI detailing how prison officers at HMP Full Sutton were continuously stoking tensions by harassing Muslim inmates. In February, he was called as an expert witness in support of three Full Sutton Muslim prisoners, Feroz Khan, Fuad Awale and David Watson, on trial for kidnapping and threatening to kill a prison guard in May 2013. Khan and Awale were convicted of threatening behaviour and Khan of causing grievous bodily harm; all three were acquitted of false imprisonment.

Since Rangzieb’s testimony, he has been subjected to renewed harassment at HMP Frankland, where he was moved in October 2013. This includes being told he cannot wear his prayer cap during visits, interference with his mail – frequently including the withholding of FRFI – and threats to block phone calls to his family.

Please send letters of solidarity to Rangzieb Ahmed (A6326AC), HMP Frankland, Brasside, Durham DH1 SYD and letters of protest at this harassment to Frankland Governor Paddy Fox.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 239 June/July 2014


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