Reclaiming Christmas from Atos in Glasgow! - Dec 2012

On Friday 28 December Glasgow Against Atos campaigners held their end of month action with a Christmas based theme. Declaring the government’s treatment of disability benefit claimants to be humbug and contrary to the festive mood of the season a rolling picket was organised in Glasgow city centre; starting from the Atos assessment centre and finishing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games offices, as Atos are sponsoring the games. One campaigner, dressed up as the Grinch, stated, ‘Christmas, what Christmas? Seventy three people are dying a week across Britain after having their disability benefit cut! Just like the Grinch stole Christmas, Atos are stealing it from people and their families’.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters have been playing a leading role in the campaign alongside other activists from the Black Triangle Disability rights campaign, the Save The Accord campaign, The Irish republican group 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the Socialist party and some individual anarchists. Unfortunately the majority of left groups in Scotland, such as the International Socialist Group, have refused to support the campaign so far.

The campaigns aim is to bring together the claimants, individuals, campaigns and groups in Glasgow who wish to oppose the notorious private multinational Atos. Now that some level of unity has been achieved the next task is to expand the campaign involving more disability claimants and the general public. FRFI supporters will be working to maintain the open and democratic nature of the Glasgow Against Atos campaign which will be vital if the goals outlined above are to be achieved.

Solidarity with the sick and poor!

Victory to Glasgow Against Atos!

More information about Atos and the campaign can be found at: index.php/fight-the-cuts/2719-end-war-on-welfare

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