Saturday 7 June - Rock around the Blockade!- FREE THE CUBAN! LONDON!

Emergency protest
US Court of Appeals upholds convictions of the Cuban 5
Viva Cuba

Members and supporters of Rock around the Blockade demonstrated on the north pavement of Trafalgar Square on Saturday 7 June as part of the international Day After campaign, a pledge to demonstrate the day after and the Saturday after the US Court of Appeals verdict. The verdict, upholding the convictions of the Cuban 5, was announced last Wednesday.

Behind the demonstrators were photos of the five, flags, banners, posters and placards, They raised the issue of socialist Cuba and its achievements that the Cuban 5 continue to steadfastly defend; and they demanded that the Cuban 5 go free immediately, that the US get out of Guantanamo and that self-avowed terrorist Posada Carrilles face extradition and trial.

As a huge Cuban flag was waved over the demonstration and chants of ‘justice for the Cuban 5, Free them now!’ rang out over the square, people signed petitions, took leaflets, held placards, chanted and learned more about Cuba, the revolution and socialism. Speakers included activists from Rock around the Blockade and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! They spoke of the importance of raising the profile of the campaign and in the words of Cuban 5 civil rights Lawyer, Leonard Weinglass, building a political mass movement to demand justice for the Cuban 5. A statement in solidarity with Rock around the Blockade sent to us by Gloria La Riva, Free the Five USA, was read out, as were the inspiring words of Gerardo Hernandes following the verdict: ‘We’ll do all the time we have to do, 30 years, 40, whatever, and as long as a single one of you is outside resisting, we are also going to resist, until justice is done.’

The appeal has been rejected but the campaign must go on for justice and freedom for the Cuban 5 – fighters against terrorism who have refused for ten years to compromise their principles.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live Socialism!
Freedom for the Cuban 5!