Labour fakers exposed in Manchester

Photography by Barbara Cook

Labour Party politicians in Manchester organised an 'anti-cuts' rally in Albert Square on 3 February, with a big soundsystem, a few washed up Mancunian celebrities and a hashtag Twitter campaign #ManvCam, to 'send a message to David Cameron.' In reality this was the launch of Labour's General Election campaign, with speaker after speaker telling the crowd that there was 'no alternative' to a Labour vote. On the night, however, Revolutionary Communist Group supporters united with Stop G4S campaign, local pro-Palestine and anti-poverty activists to destroy this opportunist front. In an act of revolutionary sabotage, protesters sent a message that Labour's claims to 'stand up for Manchester' can be exposed and resisted.

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Manchester - defend the right to protest for Palestine

Pro-Palestine protests attacked by Labour council and police

On 16 August on Market Street, Manchester, four protesters were violently arrested as they demonstrated against the genocidal attacks on Gaza, calling for an end to Britain's links with the Israeli occupation. A day later, five more suffered the same fate while protesting outside Israeli cosmetics shop Kedem on King Street. There have been more arrests since, with police using their powers to ban protesters from the city centre and at least five people are being forced to appear in court on spurious Public Order Act charges.

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Prison Protest For Munir Farooqi

On Sunday 10 August Manchester RCG branch supported a protest of over 50 people outside Wakefield prison protesting at the treatment of Munir Farooqi. Munir has been denied proper medical treatment for his diabetes and had been placed in an isolated position which allowed him to be assaulted by another prisoner. His family and supporters are calling for proper medical treatment for him and for his immediate release!


Palestine Solidarity Action – Manchester Saturday 12 July

Take to the streets…Intensify the Boycott!

Manchester RCG called an emergency rally for Palestine in Piccadilly, in the centre of the city, on Saturday 12 July. Over 300 people joined in the event reflecting the growing anger against the brutal actions of Israel and the continuing support for and excusing of their actions by the British government and mainstream media.

We organised an open mic for people to speak and express their outrage and opposition to Israel’s actions and the refusal of governments in Europe and the Middle East to openly condemn their actions. The speakers included young British Muslim women, Palestinians living in Britain, activists involved in Palestinian solidarity actions and representatives of political groups. The event had support from the Socialist Party and individuals from the PSC and Stop the War.

There was a collective agreement that boycott activity on the streets of the city had to be organised to build real solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, an organising meeting has been arranged and activity will take place next Saturday in the city centre. Contact us for details.

As the rally finished a group of around 30 motorcycles with Palestinian flags waving roared into Piccadilly on their way to the BBC as part of the ‘Drive for Justice’.

This was the next port of call for many people on the rally and we made our way to the new BBC centre in Media City to join the event called by the ‘Drive for Justice’ which was an initiative set in motion by a group of young Muslims in Blackburn, Youth on a Mission, to condemn the bias reporting of the BBC on Palestine. The original idea was to organise a convoy of vehicles to travel from Blackburn to the BBC in Manchester but this was quickly picked up by other groups from towns in Lancashire and parts of west Yorkshire and within a week it had snowballed to a number of convoys converging on the BBC. The RCG/FRFI in Manchester also helped to publicise the event and encouraged people from our rally to support the event. On the day there was around 4,000 people rallying outside the BBC with hundreds of cars and motorbikes having taken part. There were a number of speakers at the event including us and we relayed the call of the PFLP to ‘take to the streets and intensify the boycott’.

The success of the event, which had been organised within a week, showed the depth of anger at the actions of Israel and the complicity of the BBC and mainstream media in excusing and whitewashing Israel’s brutal bombing campaign and continuing occupation of Palestine. The numbers of people outside the BBC and the anger felt at the role they are playing shows the possibilities of building a strong anti imperialist campaign in solidarity with Palestine.

The only campaigning stall at the event though was ours with queues of people lining up to sign petitions calling for the release of Palestinian political prisoners and to get leaflets and literature.

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FRFI Statement on Justice for Grainger protest

Who shot and killed Anthony Grainger?