In Memoriam - Debbie Derbyshire

In Memoriam

Debbie Derbyshire

21 May 1957-18 September 2016

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! wishes to pay tribute to Debbie, a staunch friend of the Revolutionary Communist Group and many of its members in Manchester and beyond, and a working class fighter for 40 years. Debbie was for many years a shop steward for the National Union of Public Employees at Prestwich Mental Health Hospital, and later for Unison. In 1997 she was a delegate to the World Youth Festival in Cuba, meeting Fidel Castro’s sister. We send our condolences to our comrade Bob and Debbie’s family on their loss.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 253 October/November 2016

Justice for Mzee Mohammed!

On Saturday 16 July, over 1,000 people marched through Liverpool city centre demanding justice for 18-year-old Mzee Mohammed who died at the hands of the police on Wednesday 13 July. The march was overwhelmingly young, black and working class, with lots of people there from the Liverpool 8 area where Mzee had many friends. RCG/FRFI supporters joined the demonstration where people called loudly for justice, transparency, answers, and, above all, an end to black deaths in police custody. Mzee’s death came at a time when Black Lives Matter demonstrations were taking place up and down the country.

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Manchester #BlackLivesMatter protest: Moss Side demands justice

BlackLivesMatter protest

'The last time I saw Moss Side like this was 1981' – Tony Eriza

This was a stirring of political anger the likes of which have been eerily absent from Manchester's streets in recent years, and all the more significant that it should kick off in an area still suffering from racist police harassment, poverty and inequality, despite all the Labour council's 'regeneration' programmes. Well over a thousand marched to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement's demand for justice for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of US police, but also expressed anger at the British state's own violence and racism. As in London and across the country, the RCG supported the protests and signed up more than 100 people to a petition connecting the issue of killer cops with Britain's racist deportations policy.

By 6pm there were hundreds of people gathered in Alexandra Park, with more locals joining as they found out about the protest. There was a palpable sense of urgency from many in the crowd with some keen to march and becoming restless with speeches. Tariq Mehmood, a veteran of the Bradford 12 and Asian Youth Movement, was rapturously well-received for a fiery political speech, connecting the racism of Britain and the US with their role as imperialist powers. Carole Duggan spoke of the uprisings sparked by the murder of her nephew by British police in August 2011 and of the continuing struggle for justice against a ruling class set up to protect its own.

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Defending the right to protest in Liverpool

Four Liverpool women charged with breach of Section 35 of the 2014 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act will face trial in February 2016. Section 35 gives police (with local authority agreement) the powers to disperse protests and protesters from a specified area for 48 hours based on criteria they can decide at the time they issue the order. Liverpool Council is one of only a few authorities to support the use of these dispersal powers.

Since their arrest at the end of April outside the occupied Bank of England building in the city centre, the four defendants have had to attend court on 12 occasions as the prosecution have constantly failed to provide any evidence for the charges - other than police statements at the most recent hearing in October.

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FRFI Statement on Justice for Grainger protest

Who shot and killed Anthony Grainger?