Parents march against cuts to SureStart in Newcastle: Council's sham consultation exposed

Parents Against Cuts and FRFI supporters on the steps of Newcastle Civic Centre

On Saturday 13 September parents, toddlers and their supporters took to the streets against 65% cuts to SureStart and other Family Services by Labour-led Newcastle City Council. The 'Messy March' was organised by Parents Against Cuts; a campaign which FRFI supporters -together with other parents - have been central to organising.

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Boycott Israel! All-day picket in Newcastle – 16 August 2014

Activists in Newcastle force HSBC to close their doors for the day

‘We reiterate our call and urge action around the world. Palestine is under attack – and Palestine is resisting, on the path of Intifada. It is the time to act! Take to the streets…intensify the boycott.’ Call to action from Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 8 July 2014

On Saturday 16 August, Palestine Action Group (PAG) and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) supporters took up the call from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to intensify the boycott of Israel and held an all-day picket of HSBC in Newcastle city centre, from its opening time at 9am until 4pm. 

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Protest against cuts to Sure Start in Newcastle – 7 August 2014

‘Play-in-their-way’ protest against cuts to Sure Start services in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

On Thursday 7 August Parents Against Cuts and supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) took to Northumberland Street, Newcastle’s main high-street, to protest against cuts to Sure Start services across the city. As we have previously reported, £1m has already been cut from the service and Newcastle Labour council is making a reduction totalling at least 65% of all Sure Start funding. Parents Against Cuts has organised fun, militant protests to put pressure on the council to reverse its decision.

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