Picket of M&S and march to BBC in solidarity with Palestine – Newcastle 22 July 2014

Protest against British media bias outside the BBC Broadcasting Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

On Tuesday 22 July activists picketed Marks & Spencer on Northumberland Street in Newcastle. The protest was called by Palestine Action Group and was against the continued support M&S gives to Zionism and Israel.

That morning the BBC website carried a headline stating ‘Israeli soldier 'missing' in Gaza’. Only when you scrolled further down the article would you then discover that 600 Palestinians were dead. For them, a missing Israeli is more important than Palestinian deaths.

On the same day as the M&S picket, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) called a protest outside the BBC. Palestine Action Group marched from M&S to the BBC to support the protest against the racist reporting of the BBC.

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Solidarity with Palestine in Newcastle - 18 and 19 July 2014

On Friday 18 July Palestine Action Group (PAG) and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) activists held an emergency protest in solidarity with Palestine outside Boots on the West Road, in Fenham, Newcastle. The protest was in response to the announcement of Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza the night before. Boots stocks Estee Lauder cosmetics, whose chairman Ronald Lauder, chairman of the Jewish National Fund, works to legitimise Israeli occupation. The protest was lively, loud and got a lot of support.

The following day...
PAG and FRFI protestors picketed Marks & Spencer (Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel and a company that supports the occupation and colonisation of Palestine ideologically as well as economically), Boots and HSBC (a bank involved in underwriting the Israeli state budget) in Newcastle city centre. The activists were successful in forcing HSBC to close their doors for over an hour.

For a video report of the action made by a supporter of PAG click here.

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Freedom for Palestine - militant protest in Newcastle 15 July 2014

‘We reiterate our call and urge action around the world. Palestine is under attack – and Palestine is resisting, on the path of Intifada. It is the time to act! Take to the streets…intensify the boycott.’ Call to action from Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 8 July 2014.

On Tuesday 15 July, hundreds of people held a defiant, inspiring protest, marching through Newcastle’s city centre targeting businesses that support the Zionist state of Israel.

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