End the siege on Gaza! – Protest in Newcastle

FRFI supporters outside Marks & Spencer in Newcastle

On Saturday 11 October supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! picketed outside Marks & Spencer on Northumberland Street, Newcastle. M&S is Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel and a company that supports the occupation and colonisation of Palestine ideologically as well as economically. Their economic support alone amounts to an estimated £250m worth of trade each year.

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Parents against cuts to Sure Start in Newcastle

In Newcastle FRFI supporters have played a central role in building the Parents Against Cuts campaign to challenge council plans to cut Sure Start children’s services by 65%. Sure Start was set up by a Labour government as part of an attempt to shift the responsibility for problems caused by poverty onto the behaviour of parents. But regardless of Labour’s intentions, Sure Start has become a valued resource in many working class communities, offering a range of free activities that parents and other carers can take children along to. The proposed cuts come on top of other cuts in recent years to play and youth services, libraries, swimming pools and leisure centres. Following cuts to the play service last year, some centres are only being kept open through Sure Start, and these could now face closure or privatisation.

The campaign has included a ‘play in their way’ demonstration on 7 August, with ‘messy play’ and water activities for toddlers taking over the centre of Newcastle’s busiest shopping street, in protest at the council prioritising investments for businesses in the city centre over services in working-class communities. This was followed by a ‘messy march’ on 17 September, timed to coincide with a meeting as part of the council’s planned ‘consultation’, which many parents using Sure Start have not even been told about. On the morning of the march the council announced it had cancelled the consultation – apparently the council are only interested in ‘consulting’ as long as nobody actually comes forward with an opinion! The campaign will be supporting a protest organised by Unison outside a full meeting of the council on 1 October, and raising a challenge with the Ombudsman over the sham consultation.

No cuts to Sure Start! No cuts at all!

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 241 October/November 2014

Protest at Newcastle City Council against Sure Start cuts - a parent's report

Parents Against Cuts Sure Start Newcastle 01.10.14

Below we repost a report from Richie, a member of Parents Against Cuts, about a protest against cuts to Sure Start in Newcastle on 1 October 2014:

A pleasant evening (well timed for those with small children - Wednesday 6pm) at the council offices tonight. After Annie Rutter was generously allowed 100 words to comment on the cuts by the council, all parents with children who turned up to give support were held at the doors for twenty minutes on the grounds that children were absolutely not allowed in! To a meeting directly concerning children and parents of children.

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