End the siege on Gaza! – Protest in Newcastle

FRFI supporters outside Marks & Spencer in Newcastle

On Saturday 11 October supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! picketed outside Marks & Spencer on Northumberland Street, Newcastle. M&S is Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel and a company that supports the occupation and colonisation of Palestine ideologically as well as economically. Their economic support alone amounts to an estimated £250m worth of trade each year.

The picket was organised to expose the lie of the Israeli ‘ceasefire’ and draw attention to the continuing war against the Palestinian people – a war waged with the support of British imperialism – as Israel reneges on the terms of the ceasefire agreement; continuing with the blockade of Gaza and the theft of Palestinian land in the West Bank. On the picket, protesters laid-out on the high-street a range of foodstuffs, household items and other basic materials that Israel has banned from entering Gaza. The banned materials include: construction materials; livestock; petrol; wheelchairs; foods such as lentils, pasta, nuts, herbs, spices and sweets; school supplies including textbooks, crayons, footballs and musical instruments; and more.

Street-display of some of the materials banned from entering Gaza by apartheid Israel

The event included live cultural performances in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. You can watch video footage of Mark Moncada performing his song Victory to the Intifada on the picket by clicking here.

Street-performances in Newcastle in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance

While the siege of Gaza and the war on the Palestinian people continues – so does the resistance. The attempt to isolate and defeat the Palestinian resistance has failed. In the words of Jamil Mizher, member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP): ‘One of the most important achievements of our people in the recent Zionist aggression is the failure of the occupation to achieve any of its stated goals, such as ending the firing of rockets – resistance factions launched missiles until the last minute; failing to disarm the resistance; failing to destroy the tunnels; failing to undermine Palestinian national unity. This comes in addition to the popular embrace of the resistance…it is resistance, unity and steadfastness of our people that can achieve victory over this criminal enemy…The path of Oslo, negotiations and security coordination must be left forever.’

The Palestinian people continue to resist, and we will continue to take action against British government, business and banking support for the racist, Israeli apartheid state.

End British support for Israel!
Victory to the Palestinian people!

 Join us of the next picket:

TUESDAY (14 October) – assemble 5pm outside Marks & Spencer on Northumberland Street, City Centre:

Picket of Marks & Spencer – Freedom for Palestine!

Organised by Palestine Action Group.

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Victory to the Intifada!


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