Speaking out against racism in Nottingham

Speaking out against racism

Nottingham Revolutionary Communist Group and supporters held an Open Mic Against Racism! In Hyson Green as part of the National Day of Action against the Immigration Act (see fighttheracistact.wordpress.com). The 2016 act builds on the 2014 Immigration Act and the two together tighten Britain's already racist immigration controls in order to make a "hostile environment" for migrants by making it easier to deport people and severely restricting access to services. Additionally, they extend immigration controls into more sections of the community, requiring schools, hospitals and other institutions to carry out immigration checks before providing basic and necessary services.

Black Lives Matter Nottingham contributed their sound system which was put to good use at the event. Speeches by the RCG, supporters of the event, and passing members of the public, along with music, attracted a lot of support from local people. Speakers addressed the specific ways the British state is attacking refugees and asylum seekers, eastern and southern European migrants, Muslims, undocumented migrants and black people. We made the point that these different sections of the working class have good reason to work in solidarity with one another: that they have a common enemy in the British state, and that they are stronger united. Many pedestrians stopped to sign our petition against state racism, to buy our paper and to talk about the issues being raised. Motorists showed their support by honking and shouting praises, while some made good use of the traffic at the junction to listen to speeches. After the Open Mic, supporters of the event went on to join a local community festival at Forest Fields Rec to raise further awareness about state racism and discuss how we can build resistance.

 The event showed that there are many working class people who want to fight state racism. Our common enemy is the British state, which serves the interests of the ruling class and makes every attempt to divide the working class into isolated sections which it can attack individually. The fight against the Immigration Act is the kind of solidarity that we need if the working class is going to be able to fight effectively for decent jobs and services for all.

Fight the racist Immigration Acts!

Speaking out against racism

Speaking out against racism

Speaking out against racism



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