Monday 14 January - HARMONDSWORTH 4 TRIAL - Report!

Monday 14 January - HARMONDSWORTH 4 TRIAL - Report!

Support The Harmondsworth 4!

The trial of four men who were in Harmondsworth IRC at the time of the protest there on 28 November 2006 opened on Monday 14th January 2008 at Southwark Crown Court.

The Support the Harmondsworth 4 campaign demonstration outside the court was attended by representatives of London No Borders, Barbed-Wire Britain, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism and the All African Women's Group.

The trial is expected to last for six weeks and there will be a demonstration each Monday from 9 to 10.30am.

Southwark Crown Court
1 English Grounds
(off Battlebridge Lane)
London SE1 2HU
(nearest tube London Bridge)

Harmondsworth is run by private company Kalyx, a subsidiary of Sodexho. The protest came the day after the publication of a damning inspection report by Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers into conditions and treatment of detainees at Harmondsworth, and was allegedly triggered by the attempts of members of staff to prevent a group of detainees from watching a news broadcast about the report. Prison riot squads were drafted in and about 50 detainees left in a courtyard all night, while others were locked in their rooms even though parts of the detention centre were on fire.

Enquiries/further information    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See here for letter from two of the Harmondsworth 4 to Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!


Robert Whalley: 'Report of the Investigation into the disturbances at Harmondsworth and Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centres'. (pdf file, 496kb)

Liberty report: Excerpts from Witness Statements (pdf file, 128 kb)

Report on an unannounced inspection of Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre (pdf file, 464kb)

The Support the Harmondsworth 4 campaign is supported by London No Borders, Barbed-Wire Britain, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism, All African Women's Group, Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns London Anarchist Black Cross, Iraq Solidarity Campaign and North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group.

Saturday 15 March - STOP THE WAR LONDON!

Saturday 15 March - STOP THE WAR LONDON!

On 15 March FRFI activists joined the Stop the War demonstrations around the country to mark the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the US and British forces. At the main march in London our loud anti-imperialist contingent was joined by Turkish communists from the MLKP and Congolese activities.


Pauline Campbell - FIGHTER FOR JUSTICE

pcampbel20 January 1948 - 15 May 2008

FRFI is deeply saddened by the death on 15 May of Pauline Campbell, who for the past five years had fought an unrelenting struggle to expose the brutal and inhumane treatment of women prisoners in Britain.   Following the death in 2003 of her 18-year-old daughter Sarah - the youngest of six women who died in Styal that year – Pauline began a campaign of direct action to expose the prison system’s complete lack of care for vulnerable women.  Between April 2004 and April 2008 every time a woman prisoner died, she staged a demonstration outside the prison. There were 28 demonstrations in all.  RCG comrades regularly attended those at Styal, New Hall, Holloway and Durham prisons.  Pauline was arrested 15 times and charged five times.  The latest charges against her were recently dropped and we reprint below an article sent to FRFI just five days before her death, thanking readers for lobbying the CPS on her behalf.

Pauline was completely non-sectarian in her campaigning. She lobbied MPs, spoke to parliamentary committees, emailed journalists, and addressed conferences, marched with other relatives of people who had died in custody, demonstrated alongside peace campaigners, communists, anarchists and feminists.  She wrote regularly for FRFI, as well as for many other publications.

click here to read her last letter to FRFI and Eric Alisons Comments

Thursday 5 June - Rock around the Blockade!- FREE THE CUBAN! LONDON!

Thursday 5 June 2008- Rock around the Blockade!- FREE THE CUBAN! LONDON!

Less than 24 hours after receiving the news that the US Court of Appeal had upheld the convictions of the Cuban Five, over 20 activists gathered outside the US embassy in London at 7pm as part of the 'day after' campaign to condemn against the rulings. This emergency protest was called by Rock around the Blockade, which campaigns in solidarity with Cuba's socialist Revolution in Britain. It was joined by representatives from other groups. Mobilisation began at 11pm the night before.

Unable to stand in front of the US embassy, which is protected by a road block and barriers, the activists decorated the eight foot railings with Cuban flags, placards and pictures of the five Cuban heroes. They leafleted passers by and gave speeches exposing the hypocrisy of the US/Britain so-called 'war on terrorism' while Cubans who work to defend their people from right-wing extremists, linked to the US government, are unjustly incarcerated and denied basic legal rights. One speaker pointed out that as well as a protest the event was also a celebration – of the continued and defiant resistance of the Five and the revolutionary people of Cuba, who have resisted US aggression and attacks for nearly half a century. They have shown the world that commitment to ideas, principles and justice is more powerful than all the money and armaments in the world.

A second demonstration is planned for this Saturday 7 June in Trafalgar Square in central London at 12 noon. We hope that all those individual and groups who oppose terrorism and support justice will join us.

Free the Cuban Five! Vive Cuba! Viva Socialism!

Check out the international reports on the "Free the Five" website,


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