Homes that need people and people who need homes

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Focus E15 campaign - Focus on the Future - made a bold statement on the Carpenters' Estate on Monday 9 June in East London to highlight and challenge Newham Labour Council's policy of expelling the poor and vulnerable out of London to towns and cities hundreds of miles away, claiming there is no housing in Newham. Thousands of properties are empty and boarded up in Newham and not least is the example of the Carpenters Estate.

The Revolutionary Communist Group have been active supporters of the Focus E15 campaign since it began last year, when the council withdrew funding from the Focus E15 foyer in Victoria Street. The mothers, children and pregnant women were threatened with eviction and offered properties as far afield as Manchester, Birmingham and Hastings. Since last September residents, former residents and supporters have been campaigning against social cleansing and for the right of everyone to be housed in long term secure council accommodation, not the insecurity and unaffordability of the private-rented sector. 

Jasmin Stone of the campaign says:
'We are fighting for everbody with housing problems. We will fight for as long as it takes to stop the privatisation of London and stop social cleansing. We are fighting for social housing for all, a home that everyone can afford, where they feel comfortable and have the support networks that we all need.'

Join us on Saturday 5 July, marching for social housing and against social cleansing, assembling East Ham Central Park at 12 midday.

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