Street Party to resist the threatened removal of the Counihan family - 27 May 2013

The Counihan-Sanchez family from Kilburn are continuing to resist attempts by Brent Labour council to make them homeless. The Counihan-Sanchez Housing Campaign (CSHC) are supporting the family and continuing to fight all evictions and cuts in Brent. The family of seven were made homeless by Brent after they declared £18 a week income from a plot of land in Ireland. Since April 2012, the family have been in shoddy accommodation in Ealing which costs Brent council £500 per week.

Brent declared the family to be “intentionally homeless” and sent the family a bill for HB overpayment of £76,000 which has since been reduced to £25,000. The recent HB tribunal found Isabel to be a credible witness but still found in Brent’s favour, supporting the council’s claim that the family had not declared the income from the land. Brent claim that they did not receive the letter sent by the family and the Irish Centre in January 2010 but they have no convincing explanation as to why they decided to put up the rent at the same time. The family have launched a further appeal against the HB decision.

Meanwhile a notice to quit arrived from Laurence Coaker, Brent’s “Head of Housing Needs” saying that Brent wanted the family out of their temporary accommodation in Ealing by 27th May - a bank holiday. The CSHC responded by holding a lively all-day street and garden party at the family's house  to  show our support and to warn Brent that there will be opposition if they attempt to remove the Counihan Sanchez family in future.

For more background on the campaign please see the campaign video at:

Sarah Counihan, aged 16, speaking at the Benefit Justice Summit held in London on 11th May:

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