Electricians against the cuts - 9 Nov 2011

Electricians and activists arrived at the site of The Pinnacle in Bishopsgate at 7am this morning, to protest against 35% pay-cuts in the trade, forced de-skilling and corporate greed. 500 protesters occupied the roads where speeches were held about the big seven corporations that are looking to destroy existing employment agreements and reduce pay whilst they continue to rake in enormous profits.

The electricians warned earlier in the week that "this dispute will be won by stopping production on the big jobs - not by appealing to the good nature of politicians". They were referring to the official Unite union demonstration, which started later in the day at 1130am but planned to divert workers and protesters away from the political duty of blocking the building sites and towards Parliament to 'lobby MPs'.

The electricians stuck to their word, shutting down the Pinnacle site by blocking the roads so that no construction materials could enter and demanding that pay-cuts do not go ahead and that workers are not made to pay for the capitalist crisis.

The march plans to join up with the large student demonstration against the cuts, where it has been revealed that police have used tactics to disuade people from protesting including sending threatening letters directly to peoples' homes and allowing the use of rubber bullets against protestors.