Public Rally: Speak out against the Cuts: Stop the Real Looters!

Saturday 1 October 2011

1 - 3 pm

Outside Angel tube

Upper Street, Islington, North London

RBS bank has been bailed out with £45 billion of taxpayers money, yet it's employees continue to receive millions of pounds of bonuses,while essential services are being cut.

This is a blatant example of how the poorest are being made to pay for the capitalist crisis while the rich continue with the looting that they call financial speculation.

Join us for an afternoon of music, protest, speeches and street theatre outside RBS in Angel North London ( directly outside Angel tube) to highlight the real crooks: the banks and multinationals and the media and politicians that defend them.

Come in fancy dress: the theme is bankers and robbers, to reflect the highway robbery that we are being asked to accept.

In July we paid a similar visit to RBS, see this excellent video of what happened:


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London branches

North London
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